Why Should You Book a Mobile Disco For Your Function?

mobile dj at your discoMusic adds magic to life. And if you are thinking about arranging a party or function, it is not possible not to add a flavour of different music. Only one kind of music will make the function dull because not all of your guests have the same taste and preference. So what is the alternative? The only alternative is using mobile disco at your function.

But what this mobile disco is all about and how it can help to create a great ambience in your function. 

Mobile Disco is a new way of playing music where you don’t need to worry about the play list or stereos. They have different genres of songs and also huge experience to play at several functions. What normal music can’t do, mobile disco can do and that is to add zing and spark to your event and make your function a great success.

Advantages of mobile disco

Using mobile disco at your function has many advantages.

  • Huge collection of songs: Mobile disco has huge collections of songs. No matter whatever genres, themes or kind of music anyone would like to listen, they can play. So whatever your guests will request, it would be played there for him/her in the party.


  • Proficiency: The mobile disco has huge experience to play in different parties and functions. So they would know what you exactly need in your function. And they will align their selection of songs according to that.


  • Add-ons: Mobile disco can add on different themes and extra benefits for your guests. Only thing is you need to know exactly what you require for your party and let the team of Mobile Disco know. They will offer great value-add services for you.


  • Professional equipment, lights and sounds: The mobile disco has professional equipment, lights and sounds which sets the moods of your guests in the party. They know what they would need to create in your party. You need to be willing to trust them.


  • Create room for you to focus on other stuffs: Arranging a party or function is not a child’s play. It needs a lot of emphasis on the food, guests, chairs, furniture, catering, welcoming arrangements and of course music. If you give the responsibility of music to mobile disco team, you can focus on the rest of the things without any problem. They will do what they are best at – playing music and entertaining your guests!


Still thinking about using mobile disco at your function? Think no more. Go and give yourself the advantage of entertaining your audience right away!

Using Bands From the Midlands in Your Wedding

great wedding bands performing liveWhile organizing a wedding, it does not take long before you realize that you need to sort out many different things. Planning a wedding needs proper attention and careful consideration. From the catering to choosing a venue, you need to focus on every aspect of the wedding. Music can make your day extra special. Bands from the Midlands can be the perfect choice to add more spark to the whole atmosphere. Here are some tips to help you choose the best bands for your wedding.


Although it is important to value the opinions of family members and friends, this may even backfire while choosing a live band. You need to conduct an extensive research to find the best musicians in your area. You can look for information on various websites, references and testimonials. You can also visit some live performances of the band to know more about how it sounds. However, you should not rely on studio edited audio clips.

Book Early & Sign a Contract 

While choosing bands from the Midlands, you should book the bank well in advance. It is better to sign a contract with the band about 6 months in advance. In most cases, you will have to pay a 25% deposit. Most bands even have a cancellation fee policy. Therefore, you should only sign a contract when you’re completely sure. It is also important to verify that the band has public liability insurance.

Space and Size of the Venue 

Last but not the least, while planning your wedding, you will definitely visit the venue for a few times. When you’re there, you should analyze the space to fit the band, while considering the size of the venue. You should also consider some areas where you would like the band to set up. It is always better if the band is performing in front of an open space. This will allow your guests to dance in the evening. You should also make sure that there are enough power sockets.